Hi! Welcome to MeadMakr.com.

My name is Allen Jones, and for the last 5 years I have sought to learn everything I can about making and drinking what is likely the most ancient of alcoholic beverages, mead. During this time, I have found that the best information concerning mead making, both at the hobbyist and professional level, is scattered throughout books and across the internet at various locations, or buried in online forums. I have yet to find the definitive source for meadmaking, yet each reference has its unique benefits. I have been blogging about my meadmaking adventures over at terrapinbluffs.com, and wanted a place to house all of my golden nugget content. MeadMakr.com was thus created to serve this purpose.

Mead is coming of age, so to speak, and has shown explosive growth on the professional level in 2014. After falling out of favor during the late middle ages on account of improved agricultural practices yielding less expensive fruit and grain (to create wine and beer), mead is returning to your local beverage establishments. According to the American Mead Makers’ Association’s First Annual Mead Industry Report, the craft mead industry expanded 130% from 2012 to 2013, and is poised to continue this explosive growth in the years to come.

MeadMakr.com exists to stitch together the threads of meadmaking knowledge into one cohesive location. Whether you are the hobbyist meadmaker just starting your first batch, or the professional struggling with scaling recipes, building a business plan, and bringing your mead to market, MeadMakr.com strives to provide the information you need to take your meadmaking practices to the next level. Our goal is not just to replicate the information available in other locations, but to show you how you can put this information into practice. And where the data is not available, MeadMakr.com will conduct the research needed to fill the gaps of meadmaking knowledge.

Follow along as this resource is built, and please contact us with any questions you may have, or research ideas you would like to see pursued.


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