MC056: Talking with Talkington – Zeus Juice?

In episode 56, we welcome Jon Talkington from Brimminghorn Meadery on the Meadcast to talk about his meadmaking process! Learn about the oldest discovered fermented beverage from Jiahu, and Jon’s take on a mead variant.

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MC055: Oh Nuts! with Garagiste Meadery

In Episode 55 of the Meadcast we are fortunate to host Chad Wiltz of Garagiste Meadery as he walks us through the best processes to make mead with nuts. I learned a lot in this episode, and if you’ve ever wanted to make your own PB&J mead, be sure to follow these steps to success.

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MC054: Light and Crushable — East Coast Session Mead Tasting

The Meadcast conducts another mead tasting with our West Coast friends, revisiting session meads but with a decidedly East Coast flavor. Join us to learn about why these meads from Charm City Meadworks, Groennfell Meadery, and Havoc mead are “light and crushable.”

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MC053: The Cyser Sequel

The Cidersage Dan Daugherty joins us on the Meadcast for a Cyser Sequel. In this episode we’ll taste our episode 19 Cyser Challenge cysers, talk apple varieties, and Dan will tell us about his new commercial venture, St Vrain Cidery, which recently opened in Longmont, CO. Also, tune in to hear the latest news about Tysen’s upcoming Domras Cup trip (and why he’s so freaked out) and the new announcement of a Mead Conference at the 2017 Mazer Cup.

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MC052: How to Pair Food and Mead

We welcome Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor onto the Meadcast in episode 52 to discuss pairing meads with food. Chrissie has written a phenomenal book on the art of pairing meads releasing in a few short weeks, and we highlight some of the golden nuggets of the book. When it comes out, be sure to pick up a copy to fill out your mead library. And maybe consider buying a copy for a friend!

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MC051: Happy New Mead Year (Merry Meadmust 2016)

Happy New Mead Year! In episode 51, Tysen and Allen recap their merry mead year while celebrating Meadmust (if only a few days late). We’ll cover our 2016 travels, how to pronounce Polish meads, and some segments that didn’t make it into the proper episode recordings for 2016. Specifically, you’ll hear segments from Ash Fischbein at Saphouse Meadery, Ayele Solomon from Bee D’Vine Honey Wine, and Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor from Kookoolan World Meadery covering bochets, splash racking, favorite techniques, and bottle sediment. We had a fantastic 2016 with the Meadcast, and hope you’ll join us for the New Mead Year in 2017. Wassail!

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MC050: Make Better Mead – Take 2!

Welcome to this, Episode 50 of the Meadcast. No seriously, it’s episode 50! We couldn’t have made it this far without the support of our fans, and in their interest we’re revisiting an early topic on the show, how to make a traditional mead. We’ve had episode 4 out for a while concerning just this topic, but over 49 episodes we’ve learned a lot about how to make mead, and more importantly, how to make it better. So we revisit our initial recipe and update with some modern twists, while at the same time experimenting with a few options to experience the mead differences firsthand. Tune in to find out just how we did it.

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MC049: The Smooth Finish of the Soda Mead Challenge

In this episode, we wrap up the soda mead challenge. You’ll hear from the guys who helped kick off this competition. We’ll discuss the three winning soda meads from the 2016 Texas Mead Cup.

*** It should be noted in the photo above, this does not denote that Allen (left) or Tysen (right) won a medal. Rather, we host the winners in the episode and just wanted a fancy bee medal for the show notes.

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MC048: It’s Time for Tej

Join us in Episode 48 for a discussion about Tej (pronounced tedge), the honey wine from Ethiopia. Tej is one of the oldest traditional honey wines still made today, and carries with it a history you’ll want to hear about. We’ve brought on conservationist and meadmaker Ayele Solomon from Bee D’Vine meadery to discuss Tej, what makes it different from other metheglins, how its made, beekeeping in Ethiopia, and what makes mead the most sustainable beverage in the world.

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MC047: TOSNA 2.0 — Less Filling (for the Yeast), Tastes Great (for You)

We welcome Sergio Moutela back on the Meadcast for Episode 47 to discuss his updates to the Tailored Organic Staggered Nutrient Addition (TOSNA) protocol. We jump right into the changes that come with TOSNA 2.0, so be sure to check out our initial discussion on yeast nutrients and why going all organic works in Episode 22 (our most downloaded episode to date!).

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Drinks in this Episode

  • Allen: Honey Wine with Raspberries (Fringe Meadery)
  • Tysen: Hot for Teacher, a jalapeno cyser (Melovino Meadery)
  • Sergio Moutela: Sour Mead, a yet to be released draft sour mead created by happenstance (Melovino Meadery)

The TOSNA 2.0 Protocol

Without having to go into all of the nitty gritty details of the protocol, Allen made his deadline and did in fact build a calculator. You provide the necessary inputs (batch size, starting sugars (in Brix or SG), and nutrient requirement). We’ll crunch the numbers and give you a tailored protocol to follow in your next batch. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Links in this Episode

Congratulations again to the #SodaMead #MeadChallenge winners! Pavel Anisimov wins gold again (he crushed the 2016 Mazer Cup), followed by Josh Smith in second and Dan Daugherty, CiderSage and winner of the Episode 19 Cyser Challenge, wraps up the medals in third.