The Advanced Nutrient Calculator

The Advanced Nutrient Calculator was built to provide our visitors with a tailorable nutrient protocol. To start, the calculator enforces limits for Fermaid O (recommended for taste), Fermaid K (US legal limit), and DAP (US legal limit), in that order. From the amount of ppm YAN you want to add to your must, it builds a nutrient recommendation starting with Fermaid O, then Fermaid K, and lastly DAP. If Fermaid K and DAP reach their legal limits, it then adds to Fermaid O above the recommendation based on taste impact.

To remove limits, simply uncheck the Enforce Limits checkbox, enabling you to set your own ratio for how the nutrients are allocated by YAN.

To enforce a different set of limits, check the Configure Limits checkbox and insert your own values. The calculator will provide your total nutrient count filling to the Fermaid O soft cap, then Fermaid K, then DAP, and back to Fermaid O if necessary.

Advanced Nutrient Calculator
Total ppm YAN:
Must Volume (Gal):
Fermaid O Effectiveness:
Enforce Limits
Configure limits (g/L)
  Ferm K:
  Ferm O:
Volume Unit
US Customary
Nutrient DAP Fermaid K Fermaid O
YAN Ratio
mg N/g/L 210 100 40
g/L to add
N from Source
Total g to add

For more information about nutrient additions in mead, check out Travis Blount-Elliott's white paper.