The MeadMakr BatchBuildr

Have you ever wondered exactly how much honey you need to make a batch of mead? Or how much nutrient you need and how to dose your must? The MeadMakr BatchBuildr is here to the rescue.

Simply use the sliders to select the batch volume you want to make, the target alcohol by volume for your mead, and your desired sweetness level. The BatchBuildr will provide your target original gravity (OG) and an estimate for the amount of honey you will need to make the batch.

The amount of honey may very depending on your honey's sugar content (the BatchBuildr assumes a 79.6% sugar content). For consistency between batches, ensure the target original gravity and vary the honey content slightly as needed to meet the OG.

MeadMakr BatchBuildr v1.3.0
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Units:    US Customary     Metric
Batch Volume
min: 1 gal

max: 20 gal
5 Gallons
Yeast ABV
min: 0%

max: 20%
min: 1.000 Dry

max: 1.050 Sweet
FG = 1.020
Nitrogen Requirement
Nutrient Regime Fermaid O (TOSNA 2.0)
Fermaid K / DAP (20%:80% YAN to US legal limit)
Fermaid O / Fermaid K / DAP (Travis Blount-Elliott's)
* Want to tailor your own SNA? Check out the advanced SNA calculator.
Batch Specs
Target OG: 1.095
Starting Brix: 22.7
Honey Needed: 13.6 lbs
Nutrients Required:
General Instructions
1. Clean and sanitize everything that will come into contact with your must.

2. Dissolve honey in small amount of water (leave room to add additional water to reach batch volume).

3. Add water to your batch volume minus volume for rehydration.

4. Aerate the must with a drill stirrer or shake/stir vigorously for 15 minutes.

5. Rehydrate, temper and pitch yeast per Go-Ferm rehydration instructions below.

6. Record specific gravity and temperature for future reference.

7. Apply airlock. Ferment per your yeast temperature specs. Low 60 deg F is sufficient for most wine yeasts.

8. Degas twice per day for first week of fermentation.

9. Dose nutrients per nutrient protocol instructions below.

10. Rack when yeast is done fermenting, as evidenced by no drop in SG for two full weeks. Also rack within 3 weeks of sediment layer forming on the bottom of an aging vessel to avoid sur lie or autolysis flavors.

11. When mead clears, bottle and enjoy. After 2-3 months, mead should be ready to drink.
Go-Ferm Rehydration Procedure