MeadMakr 002a: What is Mead?

In Episode 2, we answer the question, What is Mead? In reviewing the audio of this episode, we realized we went well beyond our target 20 minutes, so we have broken it out into Episode 002a and 002b. This episode, 002a, will cover mead’s history and the definition of a traditional mead.

We will post episode 002b in two weeks as our next installment, where we will further define the common categories of mead and discuss BJCP and TTB definitions.

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Drinks in this episode:

Allen drinks a Necromangocon by B. Nektar. Tysen tries a Pomegranate Pyment from Bos Meadery.

Items discussed in this episode:

Mead Definitions in the MeadMakr Guide Part I, including notes on the sugar content of a finished mead
How metro Detroit became a national leader in mead making
UC Davis Nov 2014 Mead Making Short Course Presentations – This item is not discussed in the podcast, but there is a lot of great information in the presentations.  
BJCP Mead Specific Guidelines and Resources

The Mazer Cup Mead Making Competition
Honey Wine found in Asia – Allen misspeaks. Alcohol artifacts date to 7000 BCE, not 8500 BCE.
The Rig Veda
Bell Beaker Culture
Vikings – The TV Show
Beowulf and the Mead Hall
Ambrosia – Another possible mistake (we need real-time fact checkers!). Some historians argue ambrosia refers to mead, but it may be more likely that Greek references to nectar have mead connotations (The Compleat Meadmaker, pg 19).
The Mazer Cup

Books Mentioned:

The Compleat Meadmaker by Ken Shramm
The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart

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