AnCloFron: A Metheglin Recipe

Tysen's AnCloFron batch. Did the saffron add any color?
Tysen’s AnCloFron batch. Did the saffron add any color?

Tysen came up with this batch trying to experiment with the flavors of star anise and clove. And he added a little bit of saffron to see if he could impart any great color to the mead as part of the process. And he isn’t the only one to try saffron. Here’s a link to Superstition Meadery out in Prescott, AZ giving saffron a try.

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Wild Yeast Session Mead Recipe

Wild Yeast Session Mead
Wild Yeast Session Mead

One of the great things about mead is the variety of recipes that can be created, and the experimentation that results when fermenting with new yeast strains. After reading about the natural occurrence of wild yeast, I wanted to try my hand at capturing a yeast strain for brewing. So, after culturing wild yeast, I set out to make the following Wild Yeast Session Mead Recipe. Continue reading “Wild Yeast Session Mead Recipe”