MC051: Happy New Mead Year (Merry Meadmust 2016)

Happy New Mead Year! In episode 51, Tysen and Allen recap their merry mead year while celebrating Meadmust (if only a few days late). We’ll cover our 2016 travels, how to pronounce Polish meads, and some segments that didn’t make it into the proper episode recordings for 2016. Specifically, you’ll hear segments from Ash Fischbein at Saphouse Meadery, Ayele Solomon from Bee D’Vine Honey Wine, and Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor from Kookoolan World Meadery covering bochets, splash racking, favorite techniques, and bottle sediment. We had a fantastic 2016 with the Meadcast, and hope you’ll join us for the New Mead Year in 2017. Wassail!

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