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MM028: The MeadMakr’s Toolbox – Hear an Acronym, Drink Mead

In episode 28 of the Meadcast we introduce the MeadMakr’s Toolbox. These are five calculators we think will greatly help in your meadmaking journey. Starting with the BatchBuildr, we’ll walk through the BatchBlendr, ABV Calculator, SG to Brix Converter, and bringing it home we stumble through the Advanced Nutrient Calculator. To further enjoy the episode, Tysen presents a new drinking game for you every time you listen to an episode, outlined below.

The MeadMakr Calculator Drinking Game

It’s really quite simple. Every time Allen says an acronym, take another drink. There are a lot in this episode, so it’s sure to be tons of fun by the end. We sure enjoyed it while we were recording.

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MM027: Somebody Set Up Us the BOMM

Bray Denard joins us in Episode 27 to discuss the development of the near mythical Bray’s One Month Mead (BOMM) recipe. The BOMM started as a simple beer yeast experiment, assuming that historically beer yeasts have been chosen for fast fermentations whereas wine yeasts were selected for long term viability. Whether you trust the initial assumption or not, the BOMM has become standard in the lexicon for the modern meadmaker. Bray’s here to tell us why.

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MM026: Golden Coast Mead’s One Weird Tasting Trick

sob_labelFrank Golbeck from Golden Coast Mead joins us in Episode 26 to discuss sour meads. If you aren’t familiar with sours, read through the complete show notes and the and check out the Additional Reading links before diving into the episode. Frank walks us through GCM’s sour mead discovery, including the happenstance development of their first sour mead. Its results kicked off what they now consider a souring program, part of their permanent lineup into the future.

You might wonder what the title of this episode has to do with sours. Well, if you’ve had a sour and need to clear your olfactory glands to taste something new, Frank has just the tip. Listen in to find out what it is!

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MM025: A Merry Meadmas with the Mead Masters

Merry Meadmas (or is that Meadmust?)! In Episode 25, we celebrate the holidays with audio from the multitude of mead masters we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to interview this year. You’ll hear from Ken Schramm, Brad Dahlhofer, Paul Zimmerman, Michael Fairbrother, Sergio Moutela, and Jeff Herbert. Topics include agave meads to make margaritas; the historical mead figures of Eva Crane, Roger Morse, and Keith Steinkraus; the acidity of honey and using acids for modifications; and using teas and hot peppers in making your mead.

Alehorn_iceThere’s a lot here so get out your pen and paper to take notes! And don’t forget your AleHorn! Tysen tries his out in the episode, and has nothing but praise, well, except that he needs the extra large tankard for his fancy ice.

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MM024: Bochets with Hive Mind Mead

Allen’s Pumpkin Apple Bochet

In Episode 24, David Doucette from Hive Mind Mead joins us to tackle bochets. What are they? how do you make them? And what the heck is solera aging!?! Listen in to find out. And if you want to join in on the fun check out the links section below for where to follow Dave’s Bochet Solera project.

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MM022: TOSNA with Sergio Moutela

We’ve received many questions about staggered nutrients, and in Episode 22 we try to answer them bringing on Sergio Moutela of Melovino Meadery. Sergio also created Mead Made Right, a website devoted to teaching meadmakers about Sergio’s Tailored Organic Staggered Nutrient Additions.

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MM021: Branding, Bottles, and Labels

Paul Reiss from Meadist joins us in Episode 21 to discuss brands, bottles, and label designs. Bottling is the last step to finish your meads. While it may not seem relevant to a site devoted to making mead, it is relevant when it comes to sharing the mead you’ve made with friends. Whether you are a homebrewer or making mead commercially, your brand greatly impacts the experience your customers will have when drinking your mead. Listen in for Paul’s thoughts on what the label and brand say about the mead in your bottle.

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MM020: Let’s Play… 20 Questions!

Blacksnake (1)In Episode 20, Tysen and Allen answer the first 20 questions they received from the Podcast listeners. We touch on making peach session melomels, common meadmaking problems, the mead industry, starting a meadery, and even how Allen and Tysen first met.

We also feature a MeadMakr Spotlight with Blacksnake Meadery from Dugspur, VA. Steve and Jo welcomed Tysen and his family a few weeks back. Hear what they have to say about the meadery.

Have a burning question you’d like answered on the show? Let us know on twitter, facebook, or directly through our contact us page!

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MM019: Serious Cyser Symposium

cysers_finIn episode 19, we tackle the topic of cysers with Dan Daugherty from Cidersage and Cider School and Matt Williams from Winemaker’s Academy. Recall from Episode 2 that cysers are simply meads made with apples and honey. Dan and Matt talk us through the apples you need to make cyser, where to find them, and how to process them for your mead.

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