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MeadMakr 007: Judging with Vicky

What’s that!? A bonus episode? Whoa… We had some extra content from our interview with Vicky Rowe, and wanted to make sure you got to listen in!

In Episode 007, Vicky teaches us how to judge mead. Of specific interest are overcoming your personal preferences, how the mead category impacts judges’ scores, identifying faults in your mead, and where to go for more information. Let us know what you think on twitter or in the comments section below. Allen’s at @MeadMakr, Tysen’s at @MeadDrinkr.

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MeadMakr 006: Have You Got Mead?

Episode 005 wrapped up our solo podcast content (for now), and in Episode 006 we finally branch out into the information you really want, interviews with the influencers in the meadmaking community. We embark on this journey with the mead mistress herself, Vicky Rowe. Having been involved with the meadmaking world since the late 1980s, Vicky has been influential in watching the industry grow and develop. From the early 1990s, Vicky has managed GotMead? into one of the premier meadmaking resources available online. Follow along as we discuss Vicky’s passage through mead discovery, the development of GotMead, and her plans for its future.

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MeadMakr 005: The Mazer Cup

In Episode 5, we recap our experience at the 2015 Mazer Cup, the world’s largest mead only competition. With over 320 commercial and 360 home mead entrants, it truly is an experience to behold. This year’s edition included the annual American Mead Makers Association meeting, the commercial and home mead making competitions, the Mead Mixer, and the award ceremony. Take a listen as we recall the events and how much fun we had working as stewards. We made lots of new friends, and can’t wait to see everyone there again next year!

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MeadMakr 004: Let’s Make Some Mead!

MeadMakr004 (1)In Episode 004, we put into action everything we’ve brought up in our first three episodes (001, 002a, 002b, 003) and make a mead live for you during the recording. We take you through the steps to making your first mead batch. In our case, we are making a sweet traditional mead, but you can vary the honey content to make your mead on the drier if you’d like.

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MeadMakr 003: Basic Mead Making Equipment

In Episode 003, MeadMakr tackles the important topic, basic meadmaking equipment. We present the equipment absolutely necessary to start in the hobby. We also cover the equipment required in the order that you will use it on your brew day, with some commentary on how and why you’ll need the equipment on your brew day. Last we summarize what you need for racking and bottling your mead after it has been made.

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MeadMakr 002b: What is Mead? Part II

Episode 002b continues where we left off in Episode 002a, answering the question, “What is Mead?” In this episode, we tackle the historical types of mead, how they fit into the Beer Judge Certification Program mead specific categories, and how all of this relates to what you can buy in a liquor store. Hint: the definition of mead per the American Mead Makers Association differs greatly from the legal definition per the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

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MeadMakr 002a: What is Mead?

In Episode 2, we answer the question, What is Mead? In reviewing the audio of this episode, we realized we went well beyond our target 20 minutes, so we have broken it out into Episode 002a and 002b. This episode, 002a, will cover mead’s history and the definition of a traditional mead.

We will post episode 002b in two weeks as our next installment, where we will further define the common categories of mead and discuss BJCP and TTB definitions.

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MeadMakr 001: Introducing the MeadMakr Podcast

podcast_cover2We made it! Episode 1 of the MeadMakr Podcast is now live! Thanks for checking it out.

You can download the podcast to your computer, or listen to it right here on the web. We will submit the podcast to iTunes soon, but we need a few more episodes completed before we can submit.

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