MM019: Serious Cyser Symposium

cysers_finIn episode 19, we tackle the topic of cysers with Dan Daugherty from Cidersage and Cider School and Matt Williams from Winemaker’s Academy. Recall from Episode 2 that cysers are simply meads made with apples and honey. Dan and Matt talk us through the apples you need to make cyser, where to find them, and how to process them for your mead.

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Drinks in this Episode

Allen: Peche Cyser (Millstone Cellars)
Tysen: Blue Angel (Black Heath Meadery), with apples from Blue Bee Cider
Dan: Homemade
Matt: Pure, unadulterated water

Links in this Episode

6 thoughts on “MM019: Serious Cyser Symposium”

    1. We do the recordings through Skype, editing in Audacity. The process is a bit convoluted, as we’ve added some additional steps recently to improve sound levels (using Auphonic, I think?). Tysen will have to jump in here to provide some more info.

      We are both PC.

      1. Oh, you’re already using Audacity. That simplifies things. It might help to use the Truncate Silence feature under Effect>Truncate Silence. Set the boxes to -30dB, 1 second, Truncate Detected Silence, and 1 second. This will find all patches of dead air and trim them down to 1 second long. Presto, no more awkward pauses! \o/

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