MeadMakr 010: Honey Tasting with Amina Harris

The four honeys tasted in Episode 10
The four honeys tasted in Episode 10

In Episode 10, we have Amina Harris, Director of the UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center, back to guide us through a honey tasting using the Honey Flavor and Aroma Wheel. Follow along as we wet your appetite for honey, tasting four delicious honeys that would make fabulous additions to your mead.

If you are looking for a similar directed tasting, pick up the honeys in our Drinks from this Episode section and a copy of the Honey Wheel and follow along. For an even better experience, sign up for the Introduction to Mead Making Course November 13-14, 2015. It is the best in depth short course for learning about mead and meadmaking. Registration opened June 15, and is sure to sell out.

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Just How Much Honey Is in Mead?

MeadMakr004 (1)Making mead is easy. You mix together honey and water, rehydrate and pitch your yeast, aerate, and add some yeast nutrient at scheduled times during the first few days of fermentation. After a few weeks, you rack to a secondary for aging. Within a year (maybe less), you have a drinkable mead (although age will continue to improve the mead for many months and years). But how much honey exactly do you need to make mead? In this post, we’ll answer just that, and point you to a nifty calculator to anticipate the amount of honey you’ll need to make mead.
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